Monday , 21 April 2014

Top 12 Free Themes For WordPress


Check out our Top 12 Free Themes For WordPress. With over 1,000 top FREE themes on offer with WordPress you should have no difficulty choosing the best free WordPress theme. These themes  have been downloaded in total over 9,000,000 times & whilst these figures are impressive, they should also serve to put our minds at ease when choosing a suitable ... Read More »

Alexa Ranking – How To Improve Tip 6


Improve Alexa Ranking With Traffic Generation Methods - Ok assuming that you have implemented all 5 previous tips, then the only remaining task is to generate a little traffic in order to improve our Alexa Ranking. There are numerous methods to generate website traffic, but not all of them would be recommended. Choose the wrong method & your website bounce rate ... Read More »

SoulMedic – Flat Responsive Medical & Health Theme


By designthemes SoulMedic – Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Medical & Health Industry Flat, minimalist and modern style theme with feature rich admin panel to quickly install the theme over existing website or fresh installation. Theme comes with wide and unique boxed layout, both fully responsive and optimized for all kind of devices and major browsers. The theme loaded with more ... Read More »

How To Improve Alexa Ranking – Tip 2


Pay Attention To Title, Description & Keyword Relevancy   In order to gain traffic to our sites & ultimately increase our Alexa Ranking, we must make certain that we do everything we can to ensure our articles receive the best ranking possible with the various search engines. I had, in the past found myself just jotting down titles, keywords & descriptions with very ... Read More »

How To Rotate Ads On WordPress Blogs..?

Rotating Advertising Networks

Hey guys, if there’s one thing that many new bloggers seem to struggle with, it’s how to rotate ads on their WordPress blogs..? Even more so when the ads may be a mix of AdSense, Amazon, Clickbank & also a few independent affiliate offers thrown in for good measure. Although there are several plugins available from which in most ... Read More »

Keywords Phrases Structure & Layout


Keywords & phrases are indeed an important aspect of on page SEO , but SEO page structure & layout can play it’s part also. A little thought and care can mean the difference between a well ranked page or one that will probably never see the light of day. Therefore this article is about SEO page optimization for your keywords & phrases also optimal SEO page ... Read More »

Checking Your Source Code Regularly is Vital


This article is going to give you a first hand example of why Checking Your Source Code Regularly is Vital and the dangers involved in neglecting this task. Ok let’s start with a little background so you know what has been going on & what I was trying to achieve. Back in January of this year, I had built a new WordPress ... Read More »


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