Thursday , 17 April 2014

How To Rotate Ads On WordPress Blogs..?

Rotating Advertising Networks

Hey guys, if there’s one thing that many new bloggers seem to struggle with, it’s how to rotate ads on their WordPress blogs..? Even more so when the ads may be a mix of AdSense, Amazon, Clickbank & also a few independent affiliate offers thrown in for good measure. Although there are several plugins available from which in most ... Read More »

Keywords Phrases Structure & Layout


Keywords & phrases are indeed an important aspect of on page SEO , but SEO page structure & layout can play it’s part also. A little thought and care can mean the difference between a well ranked page or one that will probably never see the light of day. Therefore this article is about SEO page optimization for your keywords & phrases also optimal SEO page ... Read More »

Checking Your Source Code Regularly is Vital


This article is going to give you a first hand example of why Checking Your Source Code Regularly is Vital and the dangers involved in neglecting this task. Ok let’s start with a little background so you know what has been going on & what I was trying to achieve. Back in January of this year, I had built a new WordPress ... Read More »

NACHO Lightbox for WordPress (Galleries)


NACHO Lightbox is an awesome WordPress plugin which helps you showcase images, videos and galleries. It is directly integrated into the WordPress editor, and it will work with your older posts. It is easily customizable using the shortcode generator. By nachothemes Features Intuitive and user-friendly options panel. Don’t like the shortcode generator? Hyperlinking images and videos will open them in ... Read More »

SocialAdr Puts Backlink Building On Steroids


SocialAdr can put your backlink building & social signals on Steroids! ( figuratively speaking of course ). I know many of you will not be familiar with SocialAdr, after all when compared to some of the more well known back linking products such as Bookmarking Demon, SocialAdr would probably class as a very low key affair. But having tested both products, ... Read More »

Creating A SEO Friendly Website Logo To Boost Ranking


Using a search engine friendly Website Logo can have a positive & dramatic effect on your website ranking, which in turn will mean more visitors to your website! You see the main problem is that most website logos are not search engine friendly, simply because the search engines do not read text within an image, in fact this is the purpose of ... Read More »

3D Rotating Tag Cloud – WP Cumulus


How to entertain your readers & site visitors with a 3D Rotating Tag Cloud, that is both beautiful & functional at the same time. I know a few of you use a WP tag cloud in your sidebars, but it is generally frowned upon by the search engines & can also slow your home page when loading, but  by taking it ... Read More »


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