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CyberChimps iFeature 5 – Possible Contender As Our New Theme

Well guys, iFeature 5 from CyberChimps LLCCyberChimps iFeature 5   Possible Contender As Our New Theme has been chosen as a possible contender in our search for a new WordPress Theme. Transcript from Gabfire, the previous theme had served me very well over the last few years, but unfortunately it is not what is termed, a “responsive theme” and with the massive increase in Internet users browsing the net from their mobile phones & PC tablets, then this seemed to me to be a logical step to take.


Full Width Slider


CyberChimps iFeature 5   Possible Contender As Our New ThemeThe iFeature 5 from CyberChimps LLC sports many extras that were not even thought about with my old theme.

I’ve opted to test out the free version for the time being, just to see how it performs, especially as it is has the possibility to use numerous large images in a slider (which is currently disabled), a portfolio (which I am now testing with various affiliate ads) & what they call boxes lite, which is similar to the portfolio but instead of 4 image / text placements, there are only 3, but these 3 are larger & although I tried them out earlier, I felt they took over the front page. Being so image intensive, or at least having the possibility of being used in such a way, I want to see what sort of effect this has on page load times, before I opt to buy the pro version which I believe is around $40.


The Portfolio Makes A Great Gallery


CyberChimps iFeature 5   Possible Contender As Our New ThemeSo far my only criticisms of this theme is the lack of any option of placing either a 728 x 90 Banner or a 468 x 60 Half Banner (as Google calls it), in the header.

Also the narrow sidebar is a real annoyance (at least for me), although adding 300 x 250 advert images from affiliate sources doesn’t appear to be a problem as they get resized to fit the narrow sidebar (don’t ask me how..? ;-)  But unfortunately Google’s Adsense does not get resized, I guess that’s due to it being Java script as opposed to html.

Nevertheless, as a free theme it certainly has a great deal to offer & with it’s responsive drag & drop design there are plenty of options for creating a different look or style.


 Fantastic Zoom Effect


CyberChimps iFeature 5   Possible Contender As Our New ThemeOne of the things that really got me hooked on this theme, is it’s handling of images, both in boxes lite & more so in the portfolio, which you can easily re-title as a gallery or whatever.

It appears that when you load an image into either the boxes lite or the portfolio, you add the images as full size and the theme creates the thumbnails to fit the placements depending on what your using.

When a visitor then clicks on an image, you get a rather snazzy zoom effect very similar to that provided by the WP-ThickBox plugin, although in the case of iFeature 5, it is somewhat classier in my view.


Nicely Laid Out Footer Section


CyberChimps iFeature 5   Possible Contender As Our New ThemeI don’t know about you guys, but one thing that really rubs me up the wrong way, is taking up valuable space with what would in most cases class as boring pages, you know the sort of thing I mean, the About page, Privacy Policy, Comment Policy etc.

If my analytics are a typical representation, then few visitors ever read these pages, so I was very happy to find that iFrame 5 offers a very nice footer section, where pages & other lightly used items can be safely relegated to the bottom of your blog, which I think is a great idea.




Well it just remains to be seen what you my readers think of this change..? Personally whilst it was a shock to the system to start with, I think over all it does make for a much more professional appearance & certainly a lot less cluttered than it appeared to be with the Transcript theme. It’s funny really, but I had a few friends tell me over the last few years that they found the old set up a tad overwhelming! Apparently so much stuff all on one page, that they didn’t know what to click on next, hmmm ok a lesson learnt I think CyberChimps iFeature 5   Possible Contender As Our New Theme

But ultimately lets hear what you guys think..? is it an improvement or did you prefer the old magazine style..?

Let us know in the comments below and if we don’t get your approval we can always revert back to how it looked before.


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