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Installation Of New Transcript Theme

Well guys MBR has taken delivery of its new  ” Transcript” theme    from Gabfire Themes.

Installation of this new theme has been more or less  fairly straightforward although there has been a little work involved in the resizing of some of the images & also a couple of posts that use tables to display a list of data, these also required some rearrangement & resizing.


Installation of the Theme

Luckily I had not tried to swap themes on the live site, had I done so then many readers would have wondered what on earth was happening, as it looked like a bomb site at one stage Installation Of New Transcript Theme . Instead I opted to use a dummy site loaded into My Blog Review as a sub directory, I then simply transfer all physical files from a previous backup using FTP & once that had completed and access to the new data base was established, it was then simply a task of emptying  the new database of all tables & data & then importing a backup of the original MBR database.


Installation Of New Transcript Theme

I could now install new themes on a duplicated MBR site without affecting our readers.  Once we had reached the point of having all posts on the front page resized , rearranged & working correctly, it was then just a simple matter to take a new database backup from the dummy site & then import this to the main site. Maximum disruption to our readers would have been about 5 to 10 minutes as we went through the process of changing themes.


Problems With New Theme


The problems were caused mainly by the fact that our old theme “Newswire” had a post area of around of 600px wide, yet this new theme has a post area of only 480px wide, therefore any tables & screenshots used in the old theme were actually overlapping the post area & encroaching into the sidebar areas.

Next came the problem of deciding what goes where on the new theme, as it turns out there are numerous areas throughout this theme that require a category to be assigned from within the theme options panel. That in itself meant having to write down a list of all categories, sub categories & number of posts to each category, only then is it possible to be able to choose which location is best for which category.


Plugin Compatibility


As for compatibility with plugins etc, the only plugin that seems to cause a problem at the moment is Platinum SEO..? If this plugin is activated then for some strange reason two areas of the screen do not display correctly & the text ends up as a garbled mess. Simple solution, deactivate Platinum SEO & switch back to All In One SEO…. Sorted !




Well that’s about it for now guys, but for a mere $59 I reckon this theme is a bargain. Obviously there is a little tweaking and adjusting still to be done, but hopefully this will not disturb you when reading articles on the site. We hope this new theme will give us a much stronger position to work from in the coming year ahead & also give the site a more professional look & feel.

At the end of the day it’s our readers that need to feel comfortable with the new theme, so please let us know your opinion both good and bad in the comment box below..?

“Have we made a good choice”..?  


“Have we made a big mistake”..?

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