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How To Create High Ranking Content – MyCurator WP Plugin

How To Create High Ranking Content   MyCurator WP Plugin MyCurator WP Plugin makes high ranking quality content curation so easy that even a child could manage it. In fact, until I had started testing this plugin, I was completely new to curated content & knew virtually nothing about it. Of course I had heard the phrase being mentioned here & there,  but didn’t really pay much attention at first, but the more I heard the term mentioned, the more curious I became. Luckily for me I soon got to grips with this latest source of quality content.

I guess just like many of you reading this, I would get stuck into a routine of doing things a certain way & very often would be reluctant to try a new approach, but this is certainly a bad habit to get into & can cost you dearly if you are not very careful.


Testing MyCurator WP Plugin


How To Create High Ranking Content   MyCurator WP Plugin I had tested MyCurator on two websites over the past few weeks & on both occasions it produced the desired effect, which was ranking on  page one of Google. I had already tried a few articles on this site, but with My Blog Review being over 3 year old, there may have been other factors influencing the ranking.

My latest test was on a brand new site, when I say brand new, I mean about 2 weeks old, with zero authority, zero back links & zero social signals at the time of the test. The article I put together had no keyword research done for it, I simply decided what I wanted the article to be about & used MyCurator to pull in the content.

The topic chosen was Affiliate Marketing, which as you are probably aware, is a fairly competitive subject. I must be honest, I didn’t think for a moment that this latest article would do much good, especially as the website was so new.

The title I had chosen for this new article was “6 Tips For Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing” & after doing a quick search using, I was amazed to find that the article went straight in at # 3 but as can be seen from the screenshot it now ranks #1 out of about 4.9 million.


What  The Creators Say About MyCurator


MyCurator is the Best Content Curation Software for WordPress

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Setting up MyCurator is hardly child’s play, although there are plenty of instructions available both on their website & on Youtube. It’s not that it is particularly technical, it’s more a case of terminology & getting things done in the right order (which is important). Once set up however, the plugin works in the background and can be set to run every 6 or 12 hrs, whatever suits you..? There are filters to filter out or to include specific terms / keywords and there are buttons to actually train the plugin to find exactly what you want, although the author of the plugin states it usually takes around 10 days for you to see any marked improvement in the content it selects. Using MyCurator as the free version restricts you to choosing only two topics, but even just two topics will pull in more content than you will be able use.

If you’ve ever suffered from writers block & been stuck for something to write about, then do yourself a big favour and get the  MyCurator WP plugin right away. Seriously, you will never be stuck for content again!


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