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How To Boost Google Ranking – WordPress SEO Plugins

Putting WordPress SEO Plugins on auto pilot, not only frees up valuable time, but can also help boost Google ranking. Many of us struggle not knowing which of the search engine optimization plugins to focus on in order to get the best results.

Therefore this article is going to show you which WordPress SEO Plugins we consider to be the best & how to set them up in order to achieve top results.

We can set up our blog to basically use  three of the  Best WordPress SEO Plugins on auto pilot, thereby saving us a considerable amount of time, yet still benefiting from improved search engine ranking.

All that is required in order to achieve this, whilst at the same time achieving full web page optimization of our articles, is the 3 Wordpress SEO Plugins listed below.


Platinum SEO Pack

I choose Platinum SEO Pack over All In One SEO, simply because of the additional options that are included that I find are extremely useful. These are;

(a) The ability to monitor permalinks for alterations & if found apply a 301 redirect automatically.

(b) The ability to apply no-follow to all on page external links.

(c) The ability to have all on page external links open in a new window.

Other than what is mentioned above, the set up of this plugin is more or less the same as the All In One SEO Plugin & in fact there is a link to actually migrate settings from All In One SEO to Platinum SEO, therefore with that additional step there should be no need of further explanation, other than the image below;

Example Additional Options:

How To Boost Google Ranking   WordPress SEO Plugins

Looking at the image above of Platinum SEO Plugin, you can leave the title, description & keywords boxes empty & the plugin will create entries itself, I always enter these details manually in order to ensure I get the correct wording etc. However if you prefer not to do this, then the default settings will do a pretty good job of it for you!

SEO Smart Links

This plugin by Vladimir Prelovac will actually scan all posts / articles and will create inter-post links based on keywords that it finds. This is an excellent SEO technique as it helps build internal links to pages that may otherwise be forgotten. But best of all, it does it automatically & therefore helps to achieve good search engine optimization without further burden to you the writer.

Setting up this plugin is very easy & straight forward & therefore requires no further explanation.


SEO Friendly Images

This little plugin also by Vladimir Prelovac  is really the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. I have lost count of the number of well known sites I have checked, only to find numerous images without proper titles or alt tags. This really is basic SEO, yet so many people for one reason or another seem to miss a golden opportunity to enhance their web page optimization very easily.

Unfortunately in order to get the best from this plugin, you will have to ensure that your images have valid titles! The easiest way to explain this is for you to look at any particular image & then look at the corresponding title. Does the title of the image tell you exactly what the image is..? If not then I suggest you change the title using the hyphen between words, as this is what would get inserted automatically should you just leave gaps between words.

Example: Change title (a) to title (b) as shown below;

(a) bbgame234.jpg   TO  (b) basket-ball-game.jpg

This may seem a tad trivial, but I assure you all will become clear very soon, but apart from that there is another very valid reason to title your images correctly & that is Googles image search facility. If your title does not fully describe your image then how will anyone ever find it & if they can’t find it, then you are passing up a golden opportunity of some extra FREE traffic to your site!

In order to achieve the best results with this plugin, I have found the following settings to produce the best results, bearing in mind that the main purpose of the alt tag is for the benefit of partially sighted people using screen reader software. Plus of course we all know that search engines cannot read images & therefore the alt tag becomes yet another excellent tool for feeding the search engines our all important keywords & phrases, but please be warned! Be sensible with this or you may well find you site de-indexed for spamming.

Settings For SEO Friendly Images:

How To Boost Google Ranking   WordPress SEO Plugins

The above settings are what I use myself on “My Blog Review”, the results of which are shown  below.

Image 1 top of the page: title=”web_traffic_graph“ alt=”WordPress SEO Plugins web traffic graph

Image 2 middle of page: title=”Platinum-SEO-Pack“ alt=”WordPress SEO Plugins Platinum SEO Pack

Image 3 above: title=”SEO-Friendly-Images“  alt=”WordPress SEO Plugins SEO Friendly Images

This clearly shows that the plugin, when set correctly, will create an alt tag which is a combination of the title to the post plus the title of the image & as both image & post titles should include keywords relevant to the page, then this is a huge bonus for SEO. This method has really helped to optimize my articles for search engine ranking & at the same time ensures I continue to receive traffic that is using image search on Google.

Well that is basically it, 3 small WordPress SEO plugins, to help increase your Google ranking & because these plugins do not load anything to your home page, they therefore have no slowing effect on your site. Once loaded & installed, simply go through the set up procedure for each one & once completed you can then forget about it, knowing that for every article you then write, the best Wordpress SEO Plugins will be applying their magic automatically.

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