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How To Add RSS & Email Subscriptions To Your Blog

Adding  RSS & Email subscriptions to your blog by using an eye catching Multiple Subscription Bar at the top of our sidebar, is  of great benefit to your readers, by helping to keep them up to date.

Ok you’ve built your blog, you have a few visitors trickling in each day, but what now..? What can we do to help keep our visitors informed & in so doing gradually build up the traffic that hits our site on a regular basis..? How do we let these people know that we have just published a new article that may be of interest to them..?

Simply sitting back and waiting for them to return is not the answer, we need to employ some method of notifying each person that there is in fact some fresh content on the site & we need to make this process as easy & as simple as possible!

The answer to all of this is to use RSS & Email subscriptions using an eye catching Multiple Subscription Bar at the top of our sidebar;

 As you can see above my sidebar, there is little need of a subscription bar on this new theme, as it is already built in under the stay connected link. However many of the free themes do require a subscription bar & these web 2 images say all that needs to be said and at the same time look great ! But I bet now your thinking “Hey I aint a coder, I can’t do that”! Well my friend I hate to disagree, but yes YOU can & I’m going to show you just how easy it is to create your very own Multiple Subscription Bar.

Note: First spend a few moments & go register your blog feed with FeedBurner, this will also give you the ability to use an email subscription via Feedburner. The code below assumes that you have a Feedburner account, but if not then you will simply have to edit the relevant lines of code!

RSS & Email Subscription Bar Code !


<div style=”text-align: center;”>
<div id=”subs-bar” style=”text-align: center; width: 264px; height: 48px;”>

<!–By creating a div id above, this allows for further styling in your css style sheet should you wish to, simply use the reference “# subs-bar” without quotes–>
<a title=”Keep upto date on the lastest comments using our Free comments feed” href=””><img style=”border: 0px;” src=”” border=”0″ alt=”comment button” width=”48″ height=”48″ /></a>

<!–*Change all blue highlighted text to your own domain details* –>
<a title=”Get notified of new posts with our email subscription ” href=”;loc=en_US”><img style=”border: 0px;” src=”” border=”0″ alt=”email button” width=”48″ height=”48″ /></a>

<!–You will need to register with Feedburner in order to setup your email subscription –>

<a title=”Connect with us on FaceBook &amp; keep updated” href=”“><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”facebook button” width=”48″ height=”48″ /></a>

<!–*Change all blue highlighted text to your own domain / username details* –>

<a title=”Keep updated with our FREE RSS subscription” href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”rss button” width=”48″ height=”48″ /></a>

<!–*Although I have registered with Feedburner, if you notice above I still use my default WordPress RSS Feed* –>
<a title=”Follow us on Twitter &amp; keep updated” href=”“><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”twitter button” width=”48″ height=”48″ /></a></div>

<!–*Change all blue highlighted text to your own domain / theme / username details & remove all red comment text when you have finished editing *–>

Please note that in this code, the subscription bar is 264px x 48px & each icon is 48 x 48px, this allows for quite a bit of adjustment in order to fit your own sidebar. If you find this subscription bar a little large for your sidebar, then simply adjust the sizes in the code sheet, but bear in mind that the absolute minimum width would be 48 x 5 = 240px unless of course you remove one of the images & also the lines of code that reference it.

In order to use the code above in your sidebar, simply highlight all the code and copy. Then open your WordPress admin panel and select widgets under appearance. Simply add a Text widget to the top of your sidebar & then paste in the copied code, click save & then close. You will also need to copy each of the 5 images and save as .png using the file names in the code, then upload to your theme’s images folder. If everything has gone to plan you should now have a great looking multi subscription bar at the top of your sidebar, which I think you will agree is quite eye catching !

If you encounter any problems then please feel free to contact me or ask any questions using the comment box below.

Enjoy How To Add RSS & Email Subscriptions To Your Blog

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