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How To Optimize & Choose The Right Keywords Pt2

Optimizing & Choosing The Right Keywords is the most important aspect of keyword optimization & is one area of SEO that can mean the difference between ranking well, or being relegated to the far off distant corners of Google’s Index & to be fair it does require a little practice to perfect.

Not only can it cause you problems when attempting your initial blog or website submitting , but it needs to be checked on occasionally to ensure your keywords optimization is still giving  your blog the best possible ranking results.

Many  now say that  search engine keyword optimization is no longer relevant, but my own experience shows that  there are many search engines that still do take keywords into consideration when deciding what your pages are all about. Therefore I would rather spend a little time to ensure that I get put in the right box as it were.

Lets take another site of mine as an example, Philippines-Virtual-Guide  Hahaha ok a bit of  blatant self promo , but hell if I can’t do it here then where can I…? Ok now this website has pages for Philippine Maps, so as I already knew that maps were highly sought after, I made a point of using a few map related keywords, just basically what had sprung to mind;

Keywords Example 1

How To Optimize & Choose The Right Keywords Pt2

Now you may be saying to yourselves, ok that’s a pretty reasonable selection based on Maps & quite possibly many of you would have chosen the very same words; yet this is where the danger lies ! Initially using keywords that most people would probably use as search terms is basically cutting your own throat, for the simple reason that being a fairly new website or blog, you would never be able to compete with the big boys for such highly competetive search terms.

Keywords Example 2

How To Optimize & Choose The Right Keywords Pt2

These two examples clearly show that with a little time and effort you can obtain keywords with anywhere between 50% – 75% less competition, yet still giving quite a respectable monthly search volume. In fact the new keywords selected above have a combined monthly search volume of 213,900 and if you could rank well for just 1% of this figure, then your looking at a traffic potential of 2,139 per month /71.3 visitors per day. This is just one page that we are talking about here, imagine the potential traffic if you applied the same strategy to all your pages.

Finding Relevant Keywords

Now your probably sat there pondering to yourselves, “how do I come up with these other keywords..?” Hahaha YOU don’t, but those very nice people at Google do ! They have given us a tool called Google’s Keyword Tool free to use and extremely handy, however don’t rely on this tool totally as the copetition they speak of, is not the number of sites competing for the same search term or keyword! The competition on Googles keyword tool refers to competing advertisers using Ad-words & that is a whole different beast!

Why Google.?

Well as of February 2009 these were the market shares amongst the big 5;

February: 63.3%
February: 20.6%
February: 8.2%
February: 4.1%
February: 3.9%


I don’t think I need elaborate further, quite obviously we are not going to optimize for AOL when they only have 3.9% of search traffic. So irrespective of your personal view of Google, this is who we should optimize for if we want to increase our website traffic.


One interesting point that just sprang to mind, we have all seen the adverts offering to blast submit your website to 5,000 search engines & directories for X amount of $$’s ! Well just tot up the big 5′s market share & then ask yourself just how much is left for these 5,000 other search engines & directories…?


Obviously this is just a small part of SEO page & keywords optimization, there are several other aspects that we will discuss in future articles, but I think for the time being there is plenty to keep both you & me occupied, in choosing the right keywords for our web pages !

If you have any questions or comments, then please use the comment box below.

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