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How To Use Social Bookmarking As An Effective SEO Strategy.?

The SEO world is changing & our reliance on Google for free traffic has proven a costly mistake for many of us! So we have to ask, is social bookmarking in 2013 still an effective SEO strategy or not.? Check out some of the proven blog promotion techniques outlined below and then share your views..?

How To Use Social Bookmarking As An Effective SEO Strategy.?


Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective For SEO.?


We all know how important social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are to building online presence, but are sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, or Digg still useful?

Although they hold much less authority since the release of Google’s Penguin algorithm, social bookmarking sites they are still a good resource to help build your back link profile. In terms of organic SEO, social bookmarking sites can often have a high page rank, allowing authority to flow through via do follow links. It can also help to prompt Google to index new pages on your site. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and get as many social bookmarking links as possible; back link profiles still need to be varied in order to be considered ‘healthy’ by Google[...]


7 Social Bookmarking Mistakes Everyone Makes


Social  Bookmarking is a method website owners use to promote their site. It  sounds rather simple at first, but you would be surprised when there are  people who make mistakes as they are doing this.

This article will talk about the mistakes people make in social bookmarking. Hopefully it will teach others to avoid them.


High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Site List 2013

One of the best methods to increase your Google PageRank (PR) and improve search engine rankings for your website is to get back links from reputed and authority websites. Back links are like a vote to your content and if the reputation of the website linking to yours is [...]



I would have to agree and say that in general I think decent quality boolmarks can still be of benefit, but with Google’s focus on emd’s & anchor text, I think caution is definitely called for here. But what do you guys think..? Have you noticed a down turn in the value placed on backlinks..?


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