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WP Extended Meta Tags (SEO)

WP Extended Meta Tags is a plugin with wich you can add Title, Description and Keywords to ANY post, custom post, page, category or taxonomy you want.

It works side by side with other SEO plugins, so if you only want to use it for Taxonomies, thats NO PROBLEM. I will also add any useful setting you can come up with, but it must have to do with SEO and Meta tags!


WP Extended Meta Tags (SEO)


How to use WP Extended Meta Tags

Upload the plugin and activate it. Once activated there will be a settings page under “Settings” > “WP Extended Meta Tags Settings”. Here you can enable or disable Meta Tags for the any desired taxonomy, posts/pages/custom posts is always enabled.

If you activated it for let’s say categories, go to the categories and you will see four fields added: SEO Meta tag title, SEO Meta tag description, SEO Meta tag keywords and SEO Meta tag robots. Once you save this your category page will have these meta tags set in the HTML.


  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Robots (index, follow, noindex, nofollow)


To do

  • I will add any useful setting you can come up with.


If you happen to find any bugs please by all means, report them to me here at Codecanyon. I will fix them as soon as possible!
I will add any useful setting you can come up with, it must have to do with SEO and Meta tags!

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